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Are Political Attitudes Changing?

It certainly appears that our country may be undergoing dramatic change in political attitudes. This is evident by the fact that the political candidates who are non-establishment appear to be winning in all the races against establishment candidates.
It makes sense for people to be upset by our politics today. Our debt is soaring out of sight. Our good-paying jobs are vanishing and other countries are producing more and more of our goods and sending them to our shores. The people of our state are especially affected by the changes.
People obviously are beginning to believe that our system has failed. Our system hasn’t failed. The people who have been in charge of our system have failed. Capitalism is logical. It makes sense. Socialism is stupid. It does not make sense.
The average person doesn’t follow the trends in the world like he should. The Chinese tried the socialistic system and it failed them. So they swallowed their pride and turned to capitalism. Since they made this decision they have had astonishing success.
The American people should take note of things like this and take them to heart. But people do not follow the events in the world and history like they should. And too many people listen to the charlatans.
The liberals have had huge success for decades by promising free money, goods and benefits. Now Bernie Sanders is gaining the ear of everyone by promising free college educations for our children. There is no such thing as a free lunch. People can’t seem to get this through their heads. If the government starts paying for our college education they are going to have to get the money from us — the people.
And, as all of us know who follow the news closely, when the government takes over anything the price of that thing, product or service doubles, triples or quadruples.
Nevertheless the people of our country keep supporting the politicians who promise us the moon — for free. A society that falls into the habit of believing in fairy tales for decades has a serious problem and faces disaster. That should be crystal clear to just about everyone. But obviously it isn’t.
Certainly the voters are right in demanding change. Maybe we are beginning to wise up. We can’t all drive a Mercedes, live in a mansion and spend our winters in Tahiti. However, there are always going to be political leaders who tell us that every man can be a king. What good would it be to be a king if you had no subjects. A king without subjects would be a buffoon.
It seems obvious that the attitudes of our voters are changing but just how are they changing? I don’t know the answer to that and I don’t know anyone who does. The ability of people to read the minds of friends and neighbors is obviously very limited.
However, I know this: the American people would be very unwise to dump capitalism and adopt a system that some fast-talking politician promises is going to put us all on Easy Street. Do you know who is going to end up on East Street? The fast-talking politician, of course.
If our country dumps capitalism we will never get it back. If we go to a socialistic system America will never again be the great land of opportunity it has been since its inception. Maybe I am unduly alarmed. I hope that is the case. But it is shocking to see a socialist win the support among voters that Sanders has received in Iowa.
I believe The Donald will win in New Hampshire and that Hillary Clinton will go on to win the Democratic nomination if she isn’t indicted. But it is shocking to see Sanders, a socialist, get the support he has. Our country still has a great future if we remain a capitalistic nation. It would be our country’s greatest mistake to allow the socialists to take over the nation that is the envy of the world.

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