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Report on CIA Creates a Storm

Probably the top story in the country last week was the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's release of a searing report condemning the CIA's use of torture against suspected terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. Of course the liberal media which dominates the news in our country had a field day with the report.
How truthful and accurate is the committee's report? Well, the report was approved by all the Democrats on the committee and condemned by all the Republicans. That should tell you a lot.
Obviously the report was a propaganda piece. Incidentally the cost of producing the report was 40 million dollars but huge sums spent by the government for political propaganda doesn't bother the public anymore because such activity has become so commonplace.
Perhaps the biggest complaint about the report from conservatives was that it almost certainly will cost the lives of some of our servicemen and women. And certainly this is likely to happen.
The truth is that after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City that resulted in some 3,000 deaths and that destroyed that building, one of the most impressive edifices in our country, the American people demanded action against the terrorists. So the CIA began to use harsh measures such as waterboarding in attempts to gain information from these terrorists and prevent more terrorist attacks. Doing this was terribly wrong, the Democrats concluded.
GOP senators blasted the report saying it would undermine efforts to stop terrorists. Said Texas Sen. John Cornyn "Enhanced interrogation techniques employed by members of our intelligence community saved American lives and Senate Democrats should thank these brave men and women who worked to protect us — not vilify them." His remarks make a lot of sense.
Our terrorist enemies grab our people, hold them on trumped up charges, torture them and cut off their heads. But the Democrats in our country complain when we waterboard terrorists who we capture so we can get information from them and prevent future attacks on our people. It makes no sense.
What did our President say about the Democrats' report? He said the report reaffirmed his belief that torture techniques are wrong. "I hope that today's report can help us leave these techniques where they belong — in the past."
In other words, if our forces grab a top terrorist today we shouldn't waterboard him or use harsh measures to get information from him even if we believe strongly that he has information about an attack in our country that is coming and that could result in the horrible deaths of thousands of our citizens.
This is crazy. What is Obama's purpose here? Apparently he is attempting to tell us that he is too principled to approve of such things as waterboarding. But he does such things as deliberately lying to us by telling us that "if you like your present doctor you can keep your present doctor" when attempting to sell Obamacare to the nation. These contradictions are disturbing, are they not?
On and on the political deception goes. The goal of a huge number of powerful and influential liberals in our country is to destroy our private enterprise system and to bring on socialism. Then they can sit in Washington behind the scenes and control our society, our lives.
Our country during the past 200 years has been an enormous influence for good in the world. What would the world be today if America had never existed? It is very likely that most or all of the world would be living in some form of slavery. We should stop allowing critics of our system who are right here in our society to have the influence they do.
It is astonishing. One complainer can speak out against a high school team saying a prayer before an important game and demand that the practice be stopped. It is amazing. Maybe everyone else in the town of 50,000 approves but prayers must be stopped. This is Twenty-first century democracy.

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