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World Has Become Dangerous

This morning I turned on my TV set and immediately heard that a gunman in Germany had attacked the people in a theater. Yesterday a police officer was killed in an American city. This is happening almost every day. The world certainly has become a dangerous place.
Years ago I used to think about retirement and I visualized some of the places I would like to visit if I had the money. I wanted to see London, I told myself. And Paris. I dreamed about visiting Paris, seeing the artist colony on the left bank. I want to go to Athens, I told myself, and see the Parthenon. And I wanted to see Rome and Venice.
Now, with terrorists striking in Europe and in our country I’m not sure traveling is safe — especially traveling to large cities in America and Europe. If I were traveling I think— I would be apprehensive when I was in a railroad station or bus depot in a big city. It is a sad thing that the world has become as dangerous as it has.
But this morning the commentator on the news program I was watching said the attack in Germany was in a small community, not in a big city. Maybe, he said, the terrorists are realizing that the security in the large cities has been beefed up and they now may select targets in smaller towns and cities.
So where the heck do I go to enjoy my retirement? The truth is that the world is a wonderful place and it also is a dangerous and difficult place. Why can’t people get along? Why is it that in every age there are leaders in countries who aren’t happy with their lot and they want to send their troops into a neighboring country and seize that country’s wealth and kill many of the inhabitants?
The Bible warns us that there will always be wars. There will be wars and rumors of wars, it says. Why is it that in every age there are people who are not happy with what they have and so they go next door and kill and rape and take the property of the people in their neighboring country?
Have we entered a period of our history in America in which a terrorist every day or two in one of our cities is going to blow up a huge number of people in a theater or shoot scores of people in a bus or train station? Maybe we West Virginians are fortunate. Maybe the terrorists will find other more interesting targets than us.
The truth is that the world has always been a dangerous place. But it certainly appears that the world has become more dangerous in recent years.
Here is another question I have? How many people are going to be killed by terrorists in our country before people get fed up and demand that drastic action be taken? I remember in World War II when people of Japanese heritage were seized and put in guarded camps because our leaders evidently felt that they might not be loyal Americans and that they might commit sabotage or perhaps go on a rampage and commit killings. Our government was apologetic after the war. Most of the Japanese-Americans in the camps were loyal American citizens.
I suspect that there are a lot more terrorists or potential terrorists in our country than we realize. We have opened our borders to the world for years and millions of people have flooded into our country. We know that a percentage of them are criminals, murderers, rapists, robbers. It is almost a certainty that our country will pay a high price for not screening these people and attempting to accept only the law-abiding immigrants.
History shows us, I believe, that most people throughout the ages have not had much foresight. People appear to be interested mostly in their own times. They don’t appear to worry much about what happens in the world after they are gone.
It’s too bad that this is the way it is. Our country would be a much better and safer place if our ancestors had shown more foresight. Are we, the present generation, doing any better?

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