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High Court’s Future Huge Issue

There will be a multitude of issues batted around during the presidential campaigns in the next three months, but the most important issue of them all will be the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. If Hillary Clinton wins election and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives is taken over by the Democrats, Mrs. Clinton will appoint as many as three or four new judges to the tribunal.
This will mean that the court will be completely dominated by liberal judges. These judges have a history of ignoring the Constitution and their oath and voting along liberal lines on most of the issues that come before them.
Many observers of the court are saying that if this happens our Constitution, the foundation of our system of government, will become worthless. By hook or crook the liberals will have accomplished a bloodless and successful revolution, they say.
There is much logic in this opinion. Our society has been moving toward a socialistic state for decades and a court completely dominated by liberals probably would complete the illegal revolution. The liberals have all but destroyed our country’s heroes. The Founding Fathers were all slave owning bums who obtained their wealth by dishonest means, millions of us have been brainwashed into believing.
I know, I’ve heard most of this many times. Yes, I have, but time has passed and the people of our country have done nothing to prevent this great tragedy from happening. I am not the only one who has sounded the alarm. Many others have tried to tell people about the tragedy that is looming. To little avail.
The liberals control most of the media and they race along to their goal without missing a step. I don’t have any illusions about my ability to alert our country to the danger. I am, as I believe I have said before, a voice crying in the wilderness. At the most, I would be lucky to be able to change the minds of more than a score or more of people.
So why do I persist in saying the same thing over and over? Because, I suppose, I don’t want my conscience to hurt me when this tragedy occurs and I realize that I did absolutely nothing to prevent it.
Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men. Some of them were geniuses. The provided us with the principles and foundations to build the greatest society in the world and we didn’t disappoint them.
Now, tragically, the fantastic gift that they gave to us is being trampled in the dust. And capitalism, the economic system that resulted from this system, is being slowly eliminated.
Te socialists, much stronger than most of us realize, are slowly taking over our society and attempting to pound most of us down to the same level — it’s called mediocrity. When the revolution is completely successful, only the top leaders of the revolution will be elitists and live in opulence. Why in Heaven’s name would a society ignore a genius like Jefferson and accept the irrational rantings of totalitarian misfits? Well, it is happening.
Why would a capitalistic system that has become the envy of the world want to scrap the system that got them to where they are and adopt a system that has proven to be a disaster wherever in the world it has been tried?
Socialist Bernie Sanders’ fantastic showing in the Democratic primary shocked all of us. I knew that socialism had gained great strength in our country but I didn’t realize that it was almost strong enough to put forth a candidate who could defeat Hillary Clinton.
The illegal immigration is a huge factor in the dramatic change that is taking place. Most of these millions of immigrants have little or nothing and they are susceptible to any change that will improve their situation. It certainly appears that our country is facing in the future extremely dangerous times.

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