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The Violence in Ferguson Is Disgraceful

The violence in Ferguson, Mo. over the Aug. 9 shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer grew much worse last week. Last Wednesday U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived there and told the community that he had assigned the federal government's most experienced agents and prosecutors to an investigation of the shooting. It is extremely unusual for a U.S. attorney general to become involved in a case such as this.
Before details of what had happened in this case had been revealed liberals from across the country and the governor of Missouri demanded that the police officer be prosecuted and imprisoned. It is unbelievable. Apparently these people didn't care to hear the evidence. They demanded that the police officer be imprisoned.
As more and more evidence in the case is revealed it is extremely clear that there are two sides to the story. It was learned that Michael Brown, 18, a huge black youth of some 300 pounds, had attacked the officer, Darren Wilson, 28, and that Wilson had been injured in the attack.
Also a video of Brown entering a store just minutes before his clash with the police officer shows Brown stealing cigars from the store and manhandling the owner when the owner, a very small man, attempts to stop Brown from taking the cigars. In other words Brown commits a robbery.
The attorney general was very upset when this video was aired. And well he should have been. The video shows the black teen to be a thug.
You know we cannot start to try and convict people in the streets in this country. These people should allow the courts to do their job. But time and again, when blacks are involved in cases such as this one, they do not accept the verdict in the case. And if this police officer is exonerated by a jury the blacks will not accept the verdict. Nor will the attorney general. He will appeal the verdict and use every advantage he has to attempt to put this white policeman behind bars. This is a sad commentary on justice in our country.
What should the police officer have done, allowed himself to be beaten to death by this 300-pound man? What this officer will be put through in the coming years will be astonishing. If he is cleared by the jury, it is unlikely that he will be able to live in the Ferguson, Mo. area again. His life and the life of his family will be in too much danger. Such a sad state of affairs is hardly a thinking man's idea of justice.
Since I have said this many will accuse me of being prejudiced against blacks. I certainly am not. If this officer is put on trial and the evidence shows that he was prejudiced against blacks and fatally shot this man because of that prejudice, I will be in the vanguard of those calling for him to pay a harsh penalty.
But this officer has to be given a fair trial. We cannot resort in this country to justice being dispensed in the streets by a mob.
It will be shocking to see what Officer Wilson will be put through before this case is ended. It appears that the might and power of the U.S. Justice Department will be against him. It is difficult to realize that such a thing could happen in America.
It appears that the liberals in power in Washington are telling us people out in the boondocks that we aren't fair enough or honest enough or knowledgeable enough to handle crime cases in our areas. The federal government is going to come in and administer justice in your area.
I shudder to think about all the misinformation and lies that will be told before this case is adjudicated. This police officer and his family will be put through hell in the coming years. What a sad commentary on life in America in the year 2014 .

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