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Socialism Is Ridiculous for U.S.

There is a phenomenon taking place in our country. A socialist, in our 240-year-old capitalistic state, is running for president and he is running an amazingly strong race. As a matter of fact if his opponent, Hillary Clinton should be indicted, he is likely to get the Democratic Party’s nomination. Stop and think about it. Isn’t that an astonishing thing? He doesn’t believe in capitalism.
The commentators are saying that young voters are especially enthusiastic about Sanders. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Socialist leaders usually want to pound everyone down to about the same level — except of course for the party bigwigs.
The young in our society have always been filled with hope and high ambition. When I was in my twenties half the people I knew were convinced that they were going to be great successes, make a ton of money, live in a mansion and drive a Mercedes.
I think goals such as this are great, aren’t they? Do we want to move to a society where we all have about the same income, live in a similar house, wear the same cheap clothes and drive a $13,000 car?
Capitalism and free enterprise have made our society the envy of most of the world. So now it appears that big numbers of young people and others want to scuttle our system in favor of one that has a disastrous track record around the world.
The communists took over in China after a bloody revolution and imposed socialism. Their country, as most thinking people would have known, started going to the dogs. After a long period of agonizing thought the commies decided to try capitalism. What a dramatic change has occurred. China today is on the verge of becoming the world leader economically.
Our country should think long and hard before scuttling capitalism and adopting socialism. Sanders, in my opinion, would lead our country, the most successful society in the world, to third-class status.
Yes, we have a lot of problems in our capitalistic system. But if we use our intelligence we can fix those problems.
In my opinion our country would make the biggest mistake in its history if it elected a socialist as its leader and moved to socialism.
When I was a young student the teachers in the schools here in West Virginia were teaching us what a great country we lived in and that we were fortunate to have great leaders in our past like Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. Now these men have fallen from grace. The young are being told that these men and others in our country’s past who owned slaves were no good. Now our politicians are going to take Washington’s picture off the dollar bill.
Of course times change and things change with time but when you take away a country’s heroes and replace them with people of dubious worth you are taking a drastic step and one that could lead to disaster.
Dramatic change is happening in our country, and dramatic change can be dangerous if it isn’t thought out very carefully. I am shocked by the change in attitude I see in our country today. I grew up back in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, and things were pretty bad. But we believed in our country and its heroes. Some people, I know, are having it rough today but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Let’s fix the good system that has given our society the highest standard of living in the world for centuries. I believe one of our problems in this county is that we have had it good for so long that many people have forgotten what real hard times are all about. Ask some of the old timers or grandpa what times were like back in the 1930s when a big percentage of our population was riding the rails and living in shanty towns along the tracks.

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