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Our Country Has a New Hero

Last week the people in our country learned the details of the dramatic raid by Navy Seals that resulted in the death of America's arch enemy, Bin Laden. The gripping story was told by Rob O'Neill, the man who shot the world's most dangerous terrorist.
Fox News aired the story in two one-hour segments on Wednesday night and Thursday night. The programs were two of the most interesting and informative programs that have aired on TV in many a moon.
O'Neill and his buddies volunteered for the raid even though they believed they probably would be killed in the action. These men certainly are true American heroes. Only about 1 percent of American men serve in the armed forces today and the men who were on this raid were without a doubt elite members of that group. It wouldn't be a travesty if all of the men who were on this raid had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
So the media took this story and ran with it of course? Absolutely not. The liberal media, which controls 80 percent of the news in our country, ignored it.
At this point I am going to say something that I believe with all my heart: our country today is facing the most serious crisis in its history. Public opinion in our country today is being dominated by people who believe that Washington and Jefferson were bums, that patriots are idiots and that America is a tyrant and a bully.
These people believe that the dumbest people on the planet are the people who volunteer to serve in our armed forces. They believe that we should scuttle our armed forces and put the money into more welfare programs and trust the tyrannical countries who are building up their military power to leave us alone.
Thank God for the men like O'Neill and his buddies. These are the men who are preserving our democracy and our freedom.
Do you think O'Neill knew how dangerous it would be for him to tell his story? Of course. He said so during an interview in the program. These people who hate America and everything we stand for — people like the ones who destroyed the World Trade Center — are likely to attempt to sneak into our country and assassinate O'Neill. He knew this. But he believed he had a responsibility to tell his story to the American people. How many of us would risk our lives for our beliefs?
Many Americans in our country's history have risked their lives for their beliefs and it is these people who are responsible for making our country the envy of the world. When we stop understanding this and believing this our country will be in serious peril.
We should honor the wives and children of patriots like O'Neill for they make great sacrifices also. It takes great courage and love of country for the wives of heroes like O'Neill to go about their chores, to do their knitting when they know the husband whom they love is on a dangerous mission and may never return to them and the children — that their life will be crushed if the Army or Navy officer knocks on their door in three days and tenderly informs them that their husband died gallantly in the service of his country. These courageous women deserve as much credit as their husbands.
The bottom line is that America is on the wrong path. Those of us who love freedom are in danger of losing that precious gift. Too many of us who love our country are standing idly by and watching it wobble and hurdle crazily toward the abyss.
I'm using language that is too dramatic, you say? I hope you are right. I really do. But I feel a responsibility as an insignificant editor in a little depressed town in the hills to voice the fears I have for my beloved country even if my actions make me the biggest buffoon alive.

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