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Charity Begins Where?

Week by week I am astonished by viewing the way our country has changed since I came into the world. In 1926, the year I was born, our country did not have a national debt. So the astronomical debt that America has now has been accumulated during my lifetime and of course the lifetime of many of our people out there in the county.
It is unlikely that the debt will ever be paid. It will be passed down generation after generation to our descendants who will of course not be responsible in any way for it. As long as our country exists the debt will be a huge burden on the backs of our people and their lives will be less happy and more difficult because of it.
Obviously there will be crises in the country's future that will require heavy spending in order for our ancestors to weather the difficulties. That will require huge sums of debt. A country can't borrow forever until it owes more than it is worth just as people can't do this. Amazingly, people seem to believe that this is possible.
All of this is such a tragedy. Huge numbers of our citizens have died fighting to defend our country in the multitude of wars and conflicts that our society has fought in its history and now it appears that our society will perish eventually because of our lack of common sense.
I don't believe the average person realizes what a collapse such as this one would be like. It is extremely likely that there will be no food. It is almost a certainty that there will be roving individuals and gangs who will shoot or cut the throats of those who stand between them and looting.
These terrible conditions might last for a hundred years and it is likely that our country will never return to the land that it once was. Indeed the country probably will end up under the thumb of a vicious tyrant. That's a very grim picture and one that should put the determination in all of us to see to it that such a terrible calamity never happens.
But the majority of us live for today, it appears. That's why we keep borrowing and indulging in wild and irresponsible spending.
I was amazed the other day to see President Obama on TV defending his intention to bring thousands of refugees to our country from the Middle East. He said they are mostly children and old women so they wouldn't be indulging in terrorist activities. Well radical Muslim women and children have strapped bombs on their bodies and gone into crowed areas in the world and blown themselves up.
Furthermore, most old women and children don't work so they are going to receive government checks for years — the children until they are grown and the old folks until they die. It is obvious that a huge percentage of us believe that money grows on trees and that those trees are never going to die.
It seems to me that the immigrants fleeing into Europe are a European problem not an American problem. I don't recall any European countries volunteering to take the hordes of Mexicans and people from South America who have flooded across our borders in recent decades.
Don't get me wrong. I believe in charity and I have contributed to good causes all my life. But the liberals aren't satisfied with the government taking 65 percent of the incomes of hard working, responsible and thrifty people and wasting half of it. People who have a little bit of security should pay more, our president keeps demanding.
There are tens of millions of people on welfare in America. Why don't we put the welfare of our own people above the welfare of people all over the world? Shouldn't charity begin at home? If we somehow could eliminate the terrible waste and crazy spending in our country we would have prosperity like we have never seen before. It isn't going to happen. The majority rules and the majority in America wants the unborn to pay for our reckless and selfish lifestyle.

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