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Russian Planes Raid Syria

It has been obvious for sometime that Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Obama do not have a friendly relationship. Last week that relationship and relations between our country and Russia deteriorated further after the Russians launched airstrikes in Syria.
Our country is conducting air strikes in Syria. Just before the Russian raids began the Russians sent a message to our government demanding that our planes halt their raids in Syria. That action required a lot of gall.
Furthermore there were serious concerns as to whom the Russian planes were attacking. Reports indicated that the Russians were not attacking ISIS forces, but groups fighting the ISIS forces. The U.S. is fighting against ISIS. It's all quite confusing, is it not?
It is obvious that Putin sees President Obama as a weak leader and that he believes he can do anything he wants in the region and get by with it. He is probably right. Obama is withdrawing our troops in the region and this is leaving the area vulnerable to our enemies.
Obama's foreign relations policies are a miserable failure. This is going to become more and more evident as time passes. Our country cannot be the leader of the world and withdraw from trouble spots in the world and leave those areas to our enemies.
It is obvious that Obama's interest is not in international relations. Obama is interested in transforming America — in making our country a socialist state.
But a powerful country like ours is asking for trouble when it leaves strategic areas of the world open to aggression by forces that don't believe in freedom and democracy. The Mideast, partly because of its oil reserves and partly because of its location as a link between Europe and Asia, is one of the most important strategic areas of the world. It appears that the President does not realize this. How amazing.
Another thing that is amazing is that Obama can do just about anything and his ratings remain high. It's scary. This is what happens when you open your borders to tens of millions of poor and uneducated masses who will back anyone who promises to play Robin Hood and take from those who have lived sensibly and worked hard for generations and give to the newcomers who have nothing.
But Obama keeps telling us that "the rich" should pay more taxes. Notice that the people who have something are always referred to as the rich. They are never described as the ambitious or the hard working or the thrifty class. If criticism such as this continues the day may come when people who have lived sensibly and acquired some security for themselves will be stoned in the streets.
The politicians seem to believe that people who have wealth could not possibly have acquired it without being crooks. They lied and cheated to get what they have, the masses will be told. The government — Big Daddy — will be our keeper but every day a throng will die of boredom.
Does all that sound like the type of society you would like to be a part of? It may be in the cards. People who have lived sensibly may be the enemy in the brave new world of tomorrow. One thing is certain: our country is changing and it is changing rather dramatically. Many Americans, possibly the majority of us, don't see that change. They don't realize that the world of tomorrow is going to be amazingly different from the society of today. That's my vision. Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I'm too serious. Maybe I'm full of beans. I don't like to be branded as a hopeless pessimist but I am convinced that our country is drifting. Is it drifting toward Paradise for all or Armageddon? I don't know. Do you? Americans don't have the vision today that the founders had. The founders gloried in the noble and honorable society they were creating. Today the search for pleasure appears to be the goal of most of us. What a sad ending for the great republic founded by Jefferson, Madison, Adams and that courageous and brilliant group of geniuses who gave us the precious gift — America.

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