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Hillary Tosses Hat into Ring

Hillary made it official on April 12 — she's seeking to be President of the United States. Her announcement wasn't much of a surprise. Nobody else on the Democratic side of politics in our country seems to be interested in the job. Well, that isn't exactly true. The truth seems to be that all the other Democrats are afraid to challenge her. Even Vice President Biden is hanging back.
Would Biden like to be president? You bet your life he would. But it is understandable why he is delaying a decision. Hillary is loaded with money. She has tons of it. You can't run for president without a lot of money and Biden could dig himself into a big financial hole so he is waiting to see how well Hillary does in the early primary races.
Can anybody beat Hillary in the race for the nomination? Probably not but she is vulnerable. Polling is showing that.
Let me say right off that I'm not a hater and I certainly don't hate Hillary. Many people do. However, I do question whether she is the best qualified person in our country to occupy the White House. She has an impressive background in some ways and yet if you look at her record it is difficult to find outstanding achievements. She was a U.S. senator but she didn't accomplish much, did she? She was U.S. secretary of state but again she doesn't have, in my opinion, an exemplary record.
A country, the most powerful in the world, should demand a very special and talented person to run it. I know, the Republicans who are going to seek the job don't look so hot either, you say. Well, I don't see a Lincoln or Jefferson or Teddy Roosevelt on either side who is planning to run.
The one big item in Hillary's background is the fact that she lived in the White House for eight years when her husband was president. That fact isn't all that impressive, is it?
It worries me that it seems you have to be rich to run for president today. Lincoln, if he were living today, couldn't afford to seek the presidency, I'm afraid. The Founding Fathers never meant for the presidency to be a job that could only be held by rich people. It is disturbing to realize that being rich may be a prerequisite for the job today.
Another thing that disturbs me is the fact that the ex-presidents grow even richer after they leave office. Reports tell us that the Clintons have made $100 million or more since he left office. Hillary also benefited from her husband being president. She reportedly got $300,000 per speech. That is an amazing figure to me. I'd be delighted to make a speech for half of that, wouldn't you? And who knows, we might even be more interesting than Hillary.
If Hillary is elected she and Bill may be in the White House for 8 years. So add this to the 8 years they have been occupants of the executive mansion and that comes to 16 years. That is a long time for the people of this country to watch a couple on TV every day. People may get so sick of seeing them that they will stop watching the tube. Anyhow, these are some random thoughts on one part of the political picture in America today.
I find it difficult to understand just what it is about the two Clintons that appeals to so many Americans. Bill has a winning personality but Hillary doesn't. Bill is handsome but I wouldn't call Hillary beautiful. Both of them are intelligent and have excellent educations. But we could say all these things about throngs of Americans.
If Hillary wins the election will she really be the president or will she allow her husband to make the big decisions? I guess the only way we will get an answer to that question is to wait and see.
Politics isn't dull, is it? The lives of most of us are dull so I suppose that is why we have such a profound interest in politicians, movie stars and other prominent people. Certainly the Clintons will keep most of us wide eyed if Hillary is elected. That's a bonus we can look forward to.

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