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Our Country Ignores Our Founders

A couple of days ago I was watching a TV reporter interview people on the street. Some of the people appeared to have average intelligence but they were giving stupid answers to the interviewer's questions. I became somewhat upset by the program. My God, I said to myself, are people completely ill informed today?
One woman told the interviewer that our country should stay out of foreign relations altogether. Let's stay home and quit interfering in the affairs of other nations, she said. This would be great, I guess, if we could do it but of course we can't.
America is the most powerful nation in the world and we have to be involved in international affairs. If we weren't, the enemies of freedom would eventually take over the world.
The Founding Fathers were some of the most brilliant men who were ever born and they gave this nation a plan for future generations to live by. It worked brilliantly for a long, long time. Our small country grew to become the most powerful country in the world and the most prosperous nation in the world.
Today our people are not following the plan of the Founding Fathers. Our people are not listening to them. After watching the disturbing TV interviews I asked myself why they aren't. The answer is obvious: the liberals have told us the answer many times—times have changed and the Founding Fathers are out of date.
When the Founding Fathers lived most everyone lived on the land , the liberals tell us. They lived in an agricultural society. Today we live in an industrial society or a computer society. Obviously, the liberals say, the principles in place in an agricultural society will not work today.
The answer by the liberals sounds impressive but the answer is given by people who have not thought deeply about the subject. Unfortunately these shallow thinkers are the people who are leading our society today.
The Founding Fathers were brilliant students of human nature and human nature doesn't change. One of the problems in our society today is the astronomical debt the nation is running up year after year. We probably are wasting more money every year than all the governments in all the other countries of the world are spending.
Obviously the American people are not alarmed by this. If they were they would elect representatives who promised to stop deficit spending. So when will things change? When will the nation start listening to the founders? The answer is obvious: we will change when our society collapses economically and we are in a state of chaos.
Why can't we be smart enough to understand this danger and act to prevent such a disaster?
Obviously the people in our country changed dramatically after they moved off the land and huddled in the cities across the nation.Their attitudes about life, government and everything changed. Freedom, which our ancestors put above just about everything in importance, became less important to them. Security, which people had on the land but lost when they left it, became people's main concern. People who left the land had an easier life and a more affluent life.
Why do I keep harping on this subject? Because, I suppose, the danger to our country is so great that everything else seems miniscule in comparison.
Maybe a miracle will happen. Maybe our country, a slumbering giant, will awaken.

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