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Cruz Picks Fiorina for Veep

Politics continued to dominate the news last week. It is astonishing that the races to nominate presidential candidates are attracting the attention they are getting on the networks, 6 months before the general election. It may be that many people will be so sick of hearing about politics that they won’t go to the polls in November.
Last week the Governor of Virginia made it legal for some 200,000 ex-convicts to vote this fall. The governor is a Democrat and he figures that most of these people are going to vote Democratic. In most states, ex-convicts are barred from voting. This shows you the length some politicians will go in order to win elections.
Last week Ted Cruz made a desperate attempt to turn things around in the GOP race by picking Carly Fiorina as his running mate. If you follow politics you know that Fiorina is a former CEO at Hewlett-Packard. She sought the GOP nomination for president earlier this year.
Cruz announced Fiorina as his vice presidential pick during a rally in Indiana, a state he must win next week in order to keep his White House hopes alive. Fiorina is an impressive speaker and she is an extremely intelligent and well educated woman but things are not looking promising for her ticket.
She spoke at a rally in Indiana and immediately went after Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. She called Trump and Clinton a pair of liberals who would do little to shake up Washington.
“They’re not going to challenge the system they are the system,” she said.
To my knowledge a candidate running for president on a party ticket has never before picked a running mate until he has won his party’s nomination. For Cruz to do this now is a sign of his desperation. Fiorina is a brilliant woman and a spellbinding speaker but it is extremely unlikely she will be able to turn things around for Cruz at this stage of the campaign. It’s too little and too late, in my opinion.
He is not very impressive on the stump and it is obvious at times that he is playing the politician too much. Also we are told that his colleagues in the U.S. Senate do not like him. To me and I believe a lot of people this is a damaging revelation.
I think it is a sad thing to realize that in a country of some 320 million people we don’t have more impressive candidates for president than we do. It seems to me that there should be dozens of people in America who would make excellent presidents. So where are they and why aren’t they running for the job? The answer is very simple.
Today the way things are you have to be filthy rich to run for president. That is sad, isn’t it? Abraham Lincoln probably wouldn’t stand a chance today. If Donald Trump was poor it is hard to imagine that he would be running. Today the job of President of the United States is exclusively for rich applicants.
It is not unusual for a presidential candidate to have a thousand paid people on his team. Could you afford to hire 1,000 people for a run at the White House? The answer for most of us is obvious — no.
The Founding Fathers would be horrified at this situation. Millions of parents sometime during the period when their children are growing up say to themselves “My boy (or girl) could grow up to be President of the United States.”
Of course most of these parents are wrong. Their son or daughter will never be successful enough to occupy the White House. Though most of our Founding Fathers were rich, I don’t believe they would be happy with this situation today.
Obviously there is a lot wrong with our political system today. It has been changed over the decades and the changes have not always been good ones. I’d like to think that a West Virginian might be president one day. A West Virginian did run for president. His name was John W. Davis. I used to walk past his mansion every day when I went to school in Clarksburg.

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