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The Donald Is Riding High

A lot of people believed that Donald Trump, who started strong, would fade very fast and become a footnote to the 2016 presidential campaign. This hasn't happened. As a matter of fact, The Donald is gaining strength. Polling last week showed him only six points behind Mrs. Clinton. Allowing for error, one could say that he is just about even with Mrs. Clinton. The longer Trump stays in the lead in the race the more likely he will win the contest.
I have mixed feelings about Trump. He is not your average politician, that's for sure. And that is the very thing that propels him. The American people are sick and tired of politicians. During the campaign season they blab and blab about what great things they are going to accomplish and when they are elected they suddenly discover huge barriers in front of them.
I believe a lot of people wrote Trump off from the start. He was, they said, just a lot of big talk and fake promises. Trump comes from a successful family and he had competent upbringing. He attended probably the best business college in the country at the University of Pennsylvania, and he has made billions of dollars in the rough and tumble real estate world in New York City. Obviously he is not a dummy.
But many people appear to have the idea that he is and they have never been willing to allow him to present his case to the American people. Let me say this: it may be more difficult to start with very little and attain eight or ten billion dollars than to be elected President. And Trump has done this in a relatively short time. He is not an old man now. It would be a mistake for Democrats and Republicans to underestimate him.
It is amazing how his candidacy has pushed the other 16 Republican candidates to the back of the bus. Every day we turn on our TVs and there is Trump — not Bush or Walker or Rubio but Trump. If this continues the other 16 Republican candidates might as well pack up their duds and trot home.
As I have said, I can't make up my mind about Trump. The country needs change, that I know. But is Trump the fellow to bring it about? That's the question. It is obvious that he sees our society going down the drain and that is what motivates him. Is he reckless? Could he do great harm to our country?
Those are good questions and I don't know the answer to them.
Let me say this: I doubt if he could do more harm to the country that some of the jokers we have elected have done in the past. An amazing number of politicians have appeared in our country in the past few decades and convinced the majority of us that we can spend ourselves rich. I believe people today are beginning to have doubts about this strategy. They should be having doubts. The philosophy is stupid beyond words.
If we keep borrowing and spending the time is going to come when the chore of paying the interest on our debt every year will prevent us from having the funds to provide adequate defense forces to protect us from threatening enemies. Isn't such a situation as this a danger that the great majority of us should be aware of? Do you think we are? Obviously we are not or we would have jettisoned the self-serving politicians who brainwashed our society for generations with their putrid propaganda.
Trump has more riding on the success or failure of our society than most of us. Trump has eight or ten billion dollars and all that that huge pile of money will buy. He has luxury apartments, private airplanes, dinners in the finest restaurants in our country every day, and all the other wonderful things that money will buy. If you were in his shoes wouldn't you fight tooth and nail to preserve your society and protect your fortune?
Maybe Trump is the man to save us. Maybe he isn't. That's the 64 trillion dollar question, isn't it? The other candidates offer us little hope for dramatic change. Trump's ideas are revolutionary.

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