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Obama Gets Tough with Islamic States

Last week President Obama spoke to the nation and outlined a strategy for combating the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.Why did it take so long for him to act on a crisis that is of utmost importance to our nation?
The answer to that question is obvious, I believe. The president was raised in Africa by a father who is a Muslim and he attended a Muslim school when he was a boy. He is the only president of this country who has had such a background. He has, understandably, a certain amount of sympathy for Muslims.
So in regards to this country's relationship with the Muslims in the Middle East, Obama tends to have more sympathy for their way of thinking than most of the rest of us. When a nation chooses a leader who has an extremely different background than most of its citizens, it should not be surprised when he thinks differently about some issues than most of the other people.
Here is the key question: Will Obama's new policy, outlined last week, take care of the serious crisis our country has in the Middle East? The answer is: almost certainly it will not. The problem won't be solved by bombing. Some country or countries will have to send a somewhat large number of troops into the Middle East to bring order to that region.
And since Obama has told the world that the U.S. will not send troops into the region, will other countries be willing to do so? It seems unlikely, I believe. It doesn't make sense for the country that has been the leader of the Free World and the most powerful nation in the world to say to other nations, "We're not going to send our young men into dangerous situations around the World, but we expect your country to do so. We'll support you with bombing and we'll pay some of the bills."
Obama tries very hard to speak and act and think like the average American. But he does not think like the average American. That is so obvious. And it is even more obvious that he doesn't begin to understand the average West Virginian. And, of course, this is why so many West Virginians, even thousands of those in his own party, have turned against him.
I believe Obama came into the White House believing that he was going to dramatically change our country into the nation that he believed it should be and he has discovered that most Americans don't share his vision for America. Most Americans don't want a more powerful federal government that controls every facet of our lives and eliminates most of the control of state and local government. Most Americans don't want socialism.
The power of the presidency is awesome. I don't believe most Americans realized just how much power a president has until Obama started exercising that power. At times during his presidency his actions have made our Congress appear to resemble the fifth wheel on a vehicle. If a president is going to govern by passing any legislation he wants by using executive orders, we might as well do away with senators and representatives.
Obama's attitude toward successful Americans is amazing. Even though the successful people pay the highest taxes of any nation in the world, the President keeps saying that they should be paying more. Where does it stop? Of course, ultra liberals believe that it shouldn't stop. People should be taxed until they are pounded down to the same level as the poor. When this happens we might as well be living in Russia or China. And if you are parents who have an average income, isn't it uplifting to realize that your children can work hard, get a good education, become successful and enjoy the benefits that come with living in a free enterprise society?
I'm very concerned about what unilateral actions Obama will take after the election and during the last three years of his presidency. We must not allow him to exercise dictatorial power. He is convinced that his vision for our country is superior to that of all our other lawmakers combined.

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